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..for my GSX I'm looking for these parts:
  • large starter gear GS(X)1100 '80-'82
  • Mocal oil thermostat
  • JIC/AN-6 hose fittings (Aeroquip?)
  • black pvc seat cover material "basket" pattern
  • K&N filter pods 55-58mm mouths
..also need to clear some space so I'm selling:
  • Mikuni BDST38 carbs Yam (Exup?)
  • used 72mm GSX1100 block+pistons (1074cc) ok condition, fin damaged
  • '81 GSX750 engine parts (head,block,alt)
for further stuff for sale check this page..
please contact me if you want to buy anything or you've got something to sell but remember I'm on a budget.. :-|

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